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Working with Startups & Fortune 500
Modern software development needs an efficient team that can scale quickly with the requirements. We offer personnel and know-how for the latest technologies in web, app and cloud development.
About Us

Stellar Management. Outstanding Quality.

We have many years of experience in designing and implementing professional solutions with the best user experience design. This not only inspires you, but also your customers, employees and investors.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We guide you to success in your transition to modern tech platforms. Cloud and SAAS and take your products to the next level. We promise you results that don't break time or budget.

Agile Software development

We stand for modern, agile software development and build first-class software for you on a contract basis. And we do this with the latest technologies. Of course, we pay attention to the best user experience for all our results.

High Quality Staffing

Our developers are experts in their field, have years of experience, are personally selected and vetted by us and speak good English. This allows us to scale teams within 2-4 weeks without compromising quality.
Steps To Success
The current challenge in software development
Modern software solutions are highly complex and require a team of experienced developers, designers and project managers. They must bring the latest knowledge in technology and user understanding as well as process thinking. Small medium-sized companies and startups in particular have too little access to such teams.
  • Lack of technology knowledge and resources
  • Difficulties in scaling teams with needed skill
  • Slow capability to adapt to industry‘s needs
Modern Development as a Solution
Modern software development needs an efficient, fresh and industry-savvy team that can quickly scale with the demands of the current industry. We offer know-how and personnel for the latest technologies in web, app and cloud development. In this way, we always bring your software up to date. Our professionals are directly on site for questions and problems and are there to support you.
  • Rapid scaling and agile adaptations
  • Our team has broad expertise in the latest technologies
  • On-site support and close relationships with our clients
New software, new opportunities
If you want to stay relevant in the software market, you have to stay attractive. Open up new business areas with your new software and inspire your customers sustainably in the long term. We provide you with everything to achieve this while working cost-efficiently and with the best quality.
  • Create attractive products for your users
  • Scale to new markets and customers

Fuel your Project with a Team of Industry Focus Engineers

We create world-class e-commerce interfaces as well as sophisticated cloud infrastructures for our clients.
Together with our partners from the insurance industry, we develop fully comprehensive concepts and products.
We have had contact with banking software and know the possibilities of a modern banking infrastructure.
Learning is one of the most important pillars of society for us, so it's no wonder we've been working on e-learning solutions with partners.
Industrial Maintanance
Agile maintenance, is that possible? We built it and worked directly with the target audience to create the best possible experience for them.
Human Ressources
No modern company can set up a professional team without HR software. Therefore, we can build you a state-of-the art solution in the shortest possible time.
What is more important than health? Among other things our teammates have been working on vaccine distribution software during this pandemic.
Science & Education
You never stop learning, they say. Neither do we. We create educational software that is appropriate for the twenties.
Web Applications
Be on every platform at once. Build web applications with us for your customers and your business.
Mobile apps
Everyone talks about mobile apps. But who has a very good mobile app with the results that it promises? We build apps with lasting impact.
Cloud applications
Most modern machine learning and big data applications are running in the cloud. This offers scalability and accessibility from nearly anywhere in the world.
Make your business scale. We are the end to your on-premise solution and the way to a state-of-the-art software solution.

The right partner software development for you

Each customer has its own needs
You already have highly qualified staff, but would like to expand your team with additional professionals who meet your requirements? However, you have not yet found what you are looking for in the labor market and the search for personnel is slowly exceeding your resources and time planning. Your employees are currently fully involved in day-to-day business? We know the challenges of our customers, scale flexibly and offer the best possible solution for every eventuality.
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Product development for the long run
We develop code that stays relevant. Modern software architecture that is always open for advancements without getting rid of legacy code. You get sustainable and long-lasting results that you can rely on in any situation. Our code is well documented for further improvements in the future so you can pick up further development right away. But clients are partners for us and not just short term projects. We value long-term relationships and therefore convince with quality and reliability.
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Each customer has its own needs
Our professional management ensures smooth work processes and a hand-picked selection of first-class software developers, designers, and project managers. Teams that work on client projects are specialists that work by German sustainability standards. Quality is key. Processes assure good products and testing secures this. We always work transparently, document the developed code accurately, and provide all important information about the joint process at any time. You know what the team is working on at every time!
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