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We know how challenging it is to keep up with the increasing demands of existing customers. User interface, usability and feature requests from sales teams are subject to rapid change.

This is accompanied by problems caused by legacy code and a lack of scalability and testability. This creates pressure to innovate with new technologies. The solutions by switching to new business models with mobile devices or SaaS seem unattainable.

We will roll up our sleeves together with you. Our emphatic and understanding advice starts with your problem and accompanies you through the entire process. Because we are movers and shakers from day one with in-depth knowledge of the industry and the necessary practical experience.

Full Service for the flexible scaling of new ideas

We solve your technical challenges and provide you with the entire technical team. We start together in a workshop and understand the problem in detail. You will receive regular status reports from your account manager. It's like you would book your own start-up!

A project is supported by an extensive acceptance process that includes presentation, demo, or next steps planning as required, but always extensive testing (QA) and documentation.
  • High-quality implementation of your individual software projects
  • Software modernization from a single source & cost-efficient
  • Plannability of large software projects
  • Scaling through interdisciplinary development teams

Task Force to extend existing products

We provide you with a project manager and a development team. The problem is worked out in a dedicated workshop in order to set up a team for you that covers the requirement profile professionally and technically. If necessary, the project manager can work on site at your location.
  • Effective expansion of your existing development and product teams
  • Low risk through flexible team staffing & full integration of the development team as the project progresses possible (developer buyout)
  • Status reports tailored to you based on your information needs

Expert integration as an addition to your active team

CODE LEAP assembles developers strictly according to your requirements and needs, who then expand your team and fully integrate into your processes - practically as part of your company. You communicate directly with your new colleagues.
  • Direct cooperation with fast communication channels
  • Full integration into the existing team promotes togetherness and efficiency
  • Speed ​​and cost advantages over in-house recruitment

Our Capabilities

Design Thinking Workshop
We conduct a complete workshop to find new user-centered ideas. Here you will learn how to find good new solutions.
Usability Testing
You have a product and want to find out what bothers the users? Your idea needs validation? We test your target group with you.
User Interface Design
The classic: The idea is there, the target group is defined, the solution is defined, but how do I make the UI appealing? Our experts solve it.
Application Branding
What is a good product without a strong brand? We take you by the hand and create your unique brand.
Target Group Analysis
An idea is only functional with an audience that craves that solution. But who is the target audience? We figure it out.
Software Architecture
Complex applications need a well thought-out architecture that can grow with their requirements. We have the experts for you.
Info Architecture
Information also needs to be well thought out. Where is which function located. How does a user find his way around? Planning is key.
Cloud Architecture
Not only local software needs a good architecture. With more and more solutions based on cloud platforms, strategic planning is needed.
Platform Analysis
Is your solution running stable? Are you consuming too many resources? Is there a better way? We find out.
Design Thinking Training
Anyone can be a designer. In fact, everyone should be a designer. We teach you how to do it so you can create the next unicorn!
Framework Training
With a countless amount of frameworks, who is supposed to keep track? Whichever framework you use, our experts will take you by the hand and enable you to use it.
Design Handoff Training
Agile working in software development is not always easy. Especially not at the intersections where the professions meet. We teach you a good handover of new designs.
Let's talk_
We’d love to hear about your brand and business challenges, even if you’re not sure what your next step is. No pitch, no strings attached.
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We create world-class e-commerce interfaces as well as sophisticated cloud infrastructures for our clients.
Together with our partners from the insurance industry, we develop fully comprehensive concepts and products.
We have had contact with banking software and know the possibilities of a modern banking infrastructure.
Learning is one of the most important pillars of society for us, so it's no wonder we've been working on e-learning solutions with partners.
Industrial Maintanance
Agile maintenance, is that possible? We built it and worked directly with the target audience to create the best possible experience for them.
Human Ressources
No modern company can set up a professional team without HR software. Therefore, we can build you a state-of-the art solution in the shortest possible time.
What is more important than health? Among other things our teammates have been working on vaccine distribution software during this pandemic.
Science & Education
You never stop learning, they say. Neither do we. We create educational software that is appropriate for the twenties.
< CODE LEAP has shown a startup mentality in some ways, and they’ve gone beyond expectation />
Jean Massad