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With human-centric design at the core of our principles, our team's varied perspectives and life experiences help us build products for the many.

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We know how challenging it is to keep up with the increasing demands of existing customers. User interface, usability and feature requests from sales teams are subject to rapid change.

This is accompanied by problems caused by legacy code and a lack of scalability and testability. This creates pressure to innovate with new technologies. The solutions by switching to new business models with mobile devices or SaaS seem unattainable.

Work & impact globally

The project requirements of our customers are varied and complex. In addition to the technical and technological contacts in Germany, international development teams are increasingly required for projects and task packages. Our customers not only benefit from efficient cost structures through our offshore development center in Vietnam, but also from a higher availability of the skills they are looking for and thus shorter development times.
Germany Team
We plan, advice, design and develop from Frankfurt and at your site
Vietnam Team
We design, develop and test in Vietnam
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